forever 17

silent wishes
2004-11-21 03:45:24 (UTC)

la dee da da da...

...yea i'm bored. altho not so much anymore. i'ver been
trying without success for the past, oh...4 hours?, to
convince myself to do homework. but homework is for nerds,
heh, hence the reason i should be doing it.

for lack of anything better to do, i went and looked up
the "cliffnotes" for the book The Metamorphosis. i
say "cliffnotes" 'cause i use some knock-off version of
that website, but i get better results without having to
pay for anything, so nya. but anyway. so i'm reading
through this thing, beign completely bored because it has
to be the worst idea for a book that i've ever seen, and
after being forced, i mean litterally forced, to read Great
Expectations by Charles Dickens, i didnt think they could
get any worse. apparently i was wrong. i read down further
and come across this little passage...

"Forgetting his back pain, Gregor pulls himself up, finds
the key, grasps it within his strong yet toothless jaws,
and slowly opens the door. Everyone cheers him on. He does
not even notice the injury he causes himself by doing so,
ignorant of the white substance he emits that falls on the

HA. think about THAT when you go to sleep tonight!

(yea after further reading i find that it was talking about
a roach, but be that as it may, to the quiet observer, it's
enough to kill any small degree of man...)

so thats pretty much been my day. i went to town and
tried to find clothes, which is always cruel and unusual
punishment. i couldnt find anythign i liked, surprise
surprise, so i went to walmart and bought me some
conditioner for my hair, a big bag of hershey's kisses, and
a bag of jolly rancher suckers. if i cant be clothed,
atleast i'll have pretty hair and chocolate.

mwahahaha. i dont know whats wrong with me, but that too
sounds so very wrong and i didnt even intend it to. go to
this website :, and try to find the quiz
entitled "Does This Sound Dirty To You?". theres 20
questions, but the only one i remember is the one
saying "Tie the legs together to keep the inside moist."
the asking does that sound dirty. by the way, it was
refering to the making of a turkey at thanksgiving.

::sighs:: i'm bored. and i miss zack, i wish he'd hurry
up and get on so i can talk to him.

ahem. anyway, so theres that. happy now hon? hope you're
un-bored, atleast for a little bit.

forever 17