2004-11-20 22:42:46 (UTC)

Winter Day

I fixed bacon and pancakes for breakfast this morning. On
workdays we have hot cereal, toast with jam or honey and
coffee or tea because it's nutritious and quick to fix but
on days we can take our time, it's lovely to make a richer,
more luxurious meal we can eat at our leisure. I enjoy
adding special little touches, too, like heating the maple
syrup before pouring it over the pancakes. John made a
fire in the fireplace which added another special touch.

We only went to Corvallis, making a brief stop at the Folk
Club, doing the recycling and then to the library. We
went fairly early as today is the big Beaver/Duck civil war
football game and we wanted to avoid the traffic. John is a
Beaver (Oregon State University) and I'm a Duck (University
of Oregon). Don't ask me why these universities have picked
such ridiculous animals as their mascots. At least Jack is
a Bluejay (Johns Hopkins University). Not exactly a fierce
animal either but I don't think sports is very big at that
university anyway. We did see a brown van heading towards
Corvallis with folding chairs and a barbecue strapped to the
roof, decorated with Beaver flags and decals, and what was
especially funny, a brown plastic beaver tail hanging out
the back. We also saw a much larger number of state police
and sheriff's deputies than usual.

Yesterday was one of those days with coincidental
anniversities. It was the anniversary of Steven's funeral
and my nephew's birthday.

John and I took a nap this afternoon; it's certainly a good
day for it. Soon I'll begin making the biscuits for dinner
and setting the table and then I need to finish folding
laundry. I've knit a couple more preemie hats--one pink and
one white and started a third. John and I will probably go
to bed early tonight with our new library books and a bowl
of popcorn and a cat or two and snuggle under the quilts.
It's finally beginning to feel like winter.