Goodnight, Starlight.

2004-11-20 14:36:18 (UTC)

Nov 20th

Well, here it is. About a month away from Christmas. Im so
excited. new webcam, new clothes, 24!!!. 24 season 4 starts
up Jan 9th, for a 2 hour premier, then jan 10th for another
hour. makes you wanna get up and dance. :-P.Everything has
took a major turn over the past 3 months. I realized a bit
more then a month ago, that starting to like jake was one
of the biggest mistakes of my life. He is an asshole, not
only around his friends, but sometimes he can just go
crazy. And me feeling stupid because i didnt think his
problem will effect our relationship we had. But it did.
One day back in mid october, he went crazy on me. Telling
me off, being stupid. Made me cry, naw, he didnt care. Once
in a while, he will do the same thing, just not as bad.
He's really putting a lot of pressure on me, i cant explain
why. But, yeah, everything has taken a major turn. For the
On October 31st, i went to the Pavilion. Metal'ween. Met up
with Jake, Kyle and Kristin. *Sigh*. I hate Kyle and
Kristin. Kristin kept staring me at. Probably wants to
wring my neck. Its because of her, for what Jake did. She
must feel possessive over him, and she knows I like him.
And she knows we..were friends. And she must have a problem
with it. And Jake told me that he couldnt split his
attention between me and her anymore. So, he just started
being an asshole. So now hes not worth any of my time. I
wouldnt consider him as my friend. Just simply a person i
can talk to on the computer for fun. Oh well. I was
thinking about never even talking to him again. Like
pushing him out of my life. But, i cant do it yet. GREG!.
It doesnt matter much anymore. I dont see any reason for me
to like him whatsoever. He considers me a friend? What
exactly is a friend to him? Nah, i dont even want to know.
onn the other hand. There's Greg. I got too see him 2 weeks
ago. :-D I was happy. He's one cool dude. We actually go
out. ( i guess thats what you can refer to it as). For a
week now. Him and I are both on Call To Rememberence, so
hopefully we both make it too the compitition.
Okay, school. School is good. Better then before. Science
is fun. Mitosis, Meiosis, Gametes, Dipload, Haploid,
Chromatids, Homologous Pairs, All amazing to learn about. I
got the highest mark on the last test ( by far). Well, so
did Amanda. So we're both equally smart in that subject.
And Math, Like terms. So exciting. And Art. Plaster block
things. Wicked awesome coooooooooool. I hope my lovingness
for school lasts throughout the year. Because right now, im
loving it as it is.
Well i must go. Food and Tv awaits. Ill try and write back
as soon as i can.