The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2004-11-20 04:43:28 (UTC)

Have you ever?

Had to watch your ex be all intimate and stuff with their
new partner right in front of you. It kinda pissed me off
tonight. I don't know why. Maybe because she wouldnt do
that kind of stuff with me. But I donno, it made me mad
and lonely all at once. I really, really, just want
someone to hold me and pretend that they care. I miss
having someone. I've never really had closure in any of my
relationships. Tricia broke up with me, we didn't talk for
two years. When we started talking again, we scratched it
and it ended with me being told to brake up bobby and
alisha. Which brings around another relationship, Alisha.
We went out for about two months. We ended the
relationship by saying we were going to take it slow. So
we hated eachother for a long time. We start talking
again. She gets back from Myrtle Beach and is flirting
with me like crazy giving me all sorts of wrong ideas. The
next day she wont talk to me. Turns out shes dating
bobby. *SIGH* Got my hopes again. And watching them be
all lovey dovey tonight just sent me over the edge I
guess. I Sped out of the Pondo parking lot and her and
bobby were just sorta staring at me as I pulled out,
windows down music blasting. Ironically the song that was
playing was holiday by the Get Up Kids. "Maybe I can see
you on holiday, worlds away, I haven't forgotten all our
yesterdays." And they both just had this look in their
eyes. Oh well. My life story could be considered a tragedy.
Just read this thing. Nothing but tragedy for the most