Sheilding versus Unsheilding
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2004-11-20 04:35:58 (UTC)

unknown title

i decided that i'm tired. only 2 things indicate this to
meand to no one else: things start tilting back and forth
like watching a sew-saw from the side; i start see
things...mostly crawling, darting things. so i'm tired

yet i write away my thoughts right now....

my new roommate is a little...gross. today was the 5th
time that i found her douche squeezey thing just hanging
out in the shower...5th time. and, to top it all off, the
unflushed toilet was filled with red liquid. mmmm makes
you want cherry candies doesn't it.

glum i was ayer. it was a gray day and i was glum. the 2
don't mix. david sedaris uplifted my spirits. he tickled
my funny bone! his stuff is literally laugh out loud
funny. i love you david s.!

daaans is awesome! she rocks my socks!! today we had
another fun adventure. we went to the florida museum of
history and to see the incredibles (go see it now!! you'll
cry laughing like i did!!!!) and then we painted free bowls
while people at fried alligator. uf/fsu play
tomorrow...yay...i'm really not in the mood for the crowd.
last week we went to the cemetary, i,robot, and got
exciting free/discounted don-nuts (!!!) i'm going to miss
her presence and our adventures.

i hate what it does to me!!! i crave my favorites: cheese,
ice cream, cheese, cheese, and more cheese!! they don't
seem to be working. i know it's not gall bladder b/c the
fatty foods liked me and they were all i ate today. but
the second i have a small helping of mac and's
all over for the next 2 days! woe is cheese!!

he makes me feel special. he doesn't know it but he does.
he didn't want me to stay in the truck alone b/c he wanted
to hold my hand.mmmmm *sweet thoughts*

untitled emotions

my soul is bubbly.
my mind content.
my heart on fire.
lips wet with kiss.
kisses like sunshine
the warm surface
beneath the warm
is a feeling deep
scorching with desire
this intoxication overwhelms
hard i sleep


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