2004-11-20 00:04:54 (UTC)

A Walk

I went for a long walk late this afternoon. It's a bit
cloudy and cool but I was comfortable with just a sweater.
I heard many birds but didn't see any except for one gray
dove in someone's front yard. I kicked a few leaves and
heard a train whistle. Some dogs barked when I walked by one
house and then hushed. I heard someone hammering and looked
up to see Eldon on his backyard shed, all bundled up in a
coat and gloves and hat, putting on a new roof. He waved
and smiled at me as I went past and I waved and smiled back.
There were many bare trees and a few still decked out in
their bright red and orange autumn coats. I saw Pastor Ruth
leaving the church, hurridly heading towards home, and we
waved and smiled at each other too. I admired some houses
with neatly cut lawns and bushes nicely trimmed and backyard
gardens cleaned and ready for next year. I passed by a yard
strewn with spoiling apples that spiced the air with a winy
smell. A marmalade cat sat on a front porch step and watched
me curiously as I walked by. A few people had autumn
decorations on their doors and one had their Christmas
lights up early.

I came home and drank a cool glass of water and thought
about all I'd heard and seen. I said a prayer of thanks for
the wonderful life I have as I finished making dinner and
waited until I heard John's truck and then went out to
welcome him home.