2004-11-18 17:31:59 (UTC)

Ten Ways I Know Christmas is Coming!

1. I start making lists.
2. Christmas decorations are in the stores and they're
piping in Christmas music. This happens earlier and
earlier. This year it was BEFORE Halloween.
3. I re-read Truman Capote's A Christmas Memory and Dylan
Thomas' A Child's Christmas in Wales
4. The choir begins practicing Christmas hymns
5. I try to remember where I've put the boxes of Christmas
decorations. There are at least six of them and for some
reason, they end up in several difference places, never all
6. There are advertisements for Christmas craft bazaars.
7. I bake the first fruitcake
8. I imagine I smell that snow is coming
9. Christmas music is on the radio.
10. There are twice as many slick ad enclosures in the
I did #7 last week and I'm working on #1 now.

I don't like to go to someone's house on Christmas without
bringing gifts so I've asked John to find out just who is
coming to his parents' home on Christmas Day. My plan is to
make a dozen kinds of cookies or so as well as some homemade
candies and give each person or couple a plate of them. It's
fast and easy and I get to make all different kinds of
cookies. I'll add small, special little ornaments to each
one to make them unique. I'm thinking of forcing narcissus
or tulip bulbs for myself and, if I do that and they're
blooming by Christmas Day, I'll bring a pot of them to my
mother-in-law. I'll also give their cat a little handknit
wool mouse stuffed with catnip.