goddess of imaginary light
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2004-11-18 09:12:56 (UTC)

my deepest darkest secret

im not good at this
ive always been afraid of being hurt
becasue everytime i let myself go, open
my heart thats exactly what happens
ive let myslef care for someone and the same thing happens
why is it that they are never sure that they want to be
with me for one reason or another im pushed away

so many excuse given...i dont understand
i go after the wrong ones
the ones who want to be with me couldnt be
farther from my heart
but only the ones i care about seem to be unwilling to
share their lives with me
should i continue waiting for them to be willing to let me
into thier life?
last time i said i wouldnt settle for someone who
wasnt sure they wanted to be with me...why cant i do the
same now....ive tried to distance myself to no avail
ive been sucked in and it still hurts....

a masocistic life i lead.....

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