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Fresh Words
2004-11-17 05:15:19 (UTC)

11.16.04 Bubbly

....As far as the title is concerned, I just figured
the word "bubbly" would be entertaining for me to look at
it. lol i find that people want to click on the word
'bubbly'...just look at it! and if youre reading this, that
means you clicked on it, which is proving my point.
given the regularity of today, i've got very little
to talk about. It's 10:03, and I'm waiting for Dan to
finish his entry with, so I figured I'd write
a little one of my own here.
It has also occured to me that I've never mentioned
in the entries how many entries I have sofar. I figured if
you really wanted to know, you could just count. But for
the sake of making words, this is my 63rd entry. Yes, by
viewing this diary, you have access to my take of the
important things that have happened in my life since May
12th, 2004. On average, I think I write about one entry
every 2.7 days or something, which could be a lot better.
This will be my fourth consecutive entry, and right now it
feels like I'm just writing to be writing, which is, in
part, true.
Today I listened to the Beatles' "Something in the
Way She Moves" (it reminds me of a special someone) over 15
times. I love the darn song, it makes the Big AL top ten of
all time, I think. I listen to the acoustic version,
though, so if you're a Beatles fan, know I prefer the
But yeah it sorta applies to what I'm goin thru right
now....loosely, I guess, but its still applicable. "I dont
want to leave her now, I know I believe her now"
goodness, George Harrison is a talented musician....not to
discredit Lennon (my favorite Beatle) Mccartney (second
favorite) or Starr. theyre all great, though I dont know
much about Ringo.
...and yes, I AM a black Beatles fan. I like all
music, darn it. I'm not gonna limit myself to any genre
just cause people assume that's what I'm supposed to like.
I'm Alix Coupet, The Liberal.
speakin of that, i still need to go to NixNax and
get "The Hero" put on some of my shirts, not to mentions
Ash B.'s infamous "Coup de AL" quote, along with the many
other memorable Alixian quotes that have been created since
school started. Making me a shirt that said "HERO" on it
would have perhaps been the best birthday present that I
could ever receive...not that my family and i take my
birthday seriously or no means is it an
occasion that is worthy of a gift, in my opinion, and
unless youre quite special to me (or I'm not upset/hurt at
by you) should you expect to recieve something. Dont be
upset if you dont, thats just how we do things in the
Coupet household.
Well, I'm gonna call this entry quits. Another restful
night, followed by tackle football (Amen!) at noon. I smile.