Visions Of Life
2004-11-16 19:33:48 (UTC)

Stay at Home Wives/Mothers Bother Me

Maybe I am the only one who gets disgusted by women who
stay at home. It is not a womans place to stay at home and
dont get why anyone would want to be a blob and not
contribute to society. Working is important and no one
should rely on their spouce to support them while they
stay at home, maybe do a load of laundry and spend all day
on the couch. I can understand why a woman would want to
stay at home with her child at first, but daycare is good
for kids and its good for the parents to get a break.
After the maternity leave, parents should return to work,
even if its part time. I guess I just dont like people who
dont contribute to society and mooch off of their spouces.
I can deal with stay at home moms but housewives I cant
deal with. It is so pathetic that after all women have
accomplished, some women feel they should stay at home.
Disgusting. I have no respect for people like that.