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2004-11-15 23:13:54 (UTC)

11.15.04 My Heart is Beating Slow

"there is never a taboo moment with Alix Coupet"

-a statement uttered out of the mouths of many. And it has
stood true, for the most part, for it seems I am
comfortable telling everyone almost anything bout myself,
and people also shamelessly tell me things in vivid detail
that could be considered personal.
Today, November 16th, was perhaps the exception. A
weird day indeed, I think, as Your Hero dealt with a few
awkward moments: something I am not used to, but after so
many emotions have been involved in something, I guess it's
bound to happen to the best of us (I do consider
myself "the best of us", unless "us" is some group of
losers....I digress...). Anyway, the point is that
regardless of the amount of awkward encounters I will
perhaps have, I am inspired by the fact that I know I am
behaving and doing what is in my best interest, the mature
thing to do. I know when I am right, and when I am wrong,
and I will admit when I am wrong and when I am right, for
my gratitude and humility play rather large factors in who
Alix Coupet has become known as.
Unlike the former, there will never be an exception
for my behavior when I know I am right. I will never act as
if I am not right or perhaps do the wrong thing just for
the sake of comfortability: it's Anti-Alixian. That being
said, let me now comment on the vast quantities
of....awkwardness.. experienced today. Wow. A friend around
me at one point was AMAZED at the tension felt when I
forced myself to say "hi" to a person who, for the sake of
this diary's popularity, will remain nameless. "Wow, I felt
the tension", he said, and continued to talk about how
awkward the moment indeed was until many steps further down
the hallway.
Again, though, I am in no position to compromise myself
when I know I am right, especially when i have not given
ANYONE a reason not to TRUST me. That is senseless to me.
My demands
remain the same: I feel that I am owed an apology, and
until I recieve that, then darn it, let the awkward moments
build up. They barely affect me. Till then, my heart is
beating slow...I'm takin it easy.
Reader, I apologize, cause I know that unless you're
really close to me, you dont know what this entry is about.
Guess whose diary it is tho? Yes. That's right. Mine. I
just felt like I needed to address this, cause it may apply
to a party who reads this journal.

-Your Hero