My Aphrodisiac
2004-11-15 20:12:09 (UTC)

Last Night...

So, uh... a sista was cupcakin' last night. With whom I
know you all are curious to know...Freddie B. Ha! Yea,
we had fun. I spent the night with him and all. Did I
fucc him? Hell no. Not like that would be a bad
thing...but we just kissed and touched. Ya' know. How I
needed that, you have no idea. He's cool as shyt though.
He be havin' me rollin' all the time. But I dunno...I'm
still a lil' leery of him. Why? I never dealt with his
kind before. So, I'm going to be extra careful of my
actions...or at least try to be. Charles...his ol'
immature ass. You know that mofo still ain't talkin' to
me? I sent him the poem Selflessly vs. Selfishly in
addition to a lil' "note". Oh well... I tried to open the
door of communication, but does he accept it? Hell no! By
the time he comes around I'll be nowhere to be found.
Mark my words...he can be so lame at times. Oh
well...I've given up as far as he's concerned. Oh, me and Nita are talkin' again. And guess what
else? I lightweight got a new friend. lol...I feel like
I'm in grade school. Nah, but she hella cool. Her name's
Candice. She from Memphis. Well, lemme holla back. I got
some real "work" to do on the comp. Oh, did I tell you my
roommate's ass gettin' on my nerves always on the damn
internet? yea, we gon' have to get a lil' jack thing so
we can both be on...cuz this is so...not the biz! holla!