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2004-11-15 05:55:31 (UTC)

Our one year anniversary

Wow, our one year anniversary was awesome. It honestly was
better than i could ever imagine! When i went out to my
car to get it warmed up, i opened my door and found a HUGE
stuffed monkey sitting in the front seat being all cute
and such. Oh my gosh, i loved it! Monkey's are kind of me
and Sean's thing. Long story, lol. So anyway, i got to
school, and Sean came up to me, lifted me up off of my
feet and gave me the biggest hug in the world. I just
wanted to stay there forver. I love him so much! It was
the greatest moment ever! After he gave me that amazing
hug, he walked me to my locker and held me in his arms as
i opened it. When i opened it, there was a bouquet of
roses inside it and a cup of my favorite cappacino. I
could not stop smiling! It was the sweetest thing anyone
has ever done for me! EVER!! It was so sweet i almost
wanted to cry, lol. I loved it! So the day went on, and i
told everyone i possibly could about everything and how
awesome Sean was. I think i made a lot of people jealous,
lmao, good! So when school was FINALLY over, we went back
to my house and just chilled for a while. I had to go to
work for 45 min to teach a class so we went out to dinner
at like around 8 or something. Thats when i gave him the
stuff i got him. I got him a fat and chubby fuzzy coin
bank that looked like my fat dog i have. (He always keeps
his change everywhere) and he likes to play the lottery so
i got him a bunch of lottery tickets. He only won like 2
bucks so i was really pissed, lol. And i got him a bunch
of "kisses" ofcourse, and a card. I think he liked em.
hehe. Dinner was pretty good too. well, maybe for me. They
messed up Sean's order. lol, they put bacon on his
cheesburger when he said just plain. lol, stupid Applebees
people! lmao. So after dinner, we wnet to the movies and
saw the incredibles. I'd have to say that was a pretty
cute movie. I'm glad we went and saw it. I liked it. But
after the movie we had a few problems with his truck. It
wouldn't start! So we kinda freaked out for a bit thinking
we'd be stranded there but luckily he finally figured it
out and we went back to my house and just chilled some
more. We like fell asleep while watching a movie. He is so
comfy, it's really hard NOt to fall asleep, u know? So
yeah, thats pretty much it. And I loved every bit of that
day! I'll never forget it! Sean, if you're reading this
right now, i just wanted to say that I love you so much
and i'm so happy we're still togteher, and Thursday was so
unbelievably awesome! Ur the best!!!