forever 17

silent wishes
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2004-11-15 05:40:32 (UTC)

dance dance revolution

yea, after playing it for 5 and 1/2 hours straight
yesterday, and for over an hour this evening, i cant really
walk anymore, and i think it's fairly safe to say that i've
become obsessed with it. i think its playing subliminal
messages backwards and bruning them into my mind. but 1
good thing did come of it. i can now totally kick leia's
ass on it, especially on the extreme one. that one's fun,
mainly because it had the cancan song on it. OOOH THAT
REMINDS ME! i was gonna find the lyrics to that and ballrom
blizt. i must go do this...i shall return soon, assuming it
doesnt decide to die.

wheeee!! happiness abounds i found the songs. now to buy
that game...

so i spent pretty much all day yesterday at adam's house.
was very fun. like i said, i killed myself on his dance
dance revolution, but it was fun. then me and leia went
outside and they decided to scare us and at one point i
think jake got kicked, perhaps in the face, but no blood
was drawn and no harm was done. good times.

and then friday i had an interview for govenor's honors.
my god that has to be the longest 8 minutes i've spent with
anybody. people freak me out when they stare at me, so
this, combined with interrogative questions and comments
was enough to make me completely paranoid. but the first
thing they said when i walked in, after hey, hi, how are
you today, was "so, you're what, 26, 27?" liars, all of
them, but made me feel good none-the-less. OOOOH!! and i
saw leah there!!! that made me sooo happy. i miss leah.
grrrr stupid people take my freinds away. ah well, i'll be
in walmart eventually, and more than likely see her there. now i'm bored again. i guess i'll go dry my hair
and watch it curl which infuriates me. i think it knows
that and does it on purpose. silly things with minds of
their own...tsk tsk tsk. ...riiiiight, not sure what that
was all about, but, whatever.

forever 17

oh hey look. its the 69 entry. hmm...yes. anyway, thought
i'd mention that since it seemed to ammuse me so. i really
need a life...