The Apple

Fresh Words
2004-11-14 20:29:16 (UTC)

11.14.04 Wanted: A Music Friend

Boy, reader, I think I have one of the most
awesomely diverse set of friends. I find myself hanging
around all different types and colors of people....I am, to
a degree, an abounding beacon of diversity. But I'm missing
one friend that I would really like, and have never had.
You see, I, as Hero, am a divergent being. I don't
swing with the norm, and this shows, more than anywhere
else, in my taste of music. While still diverse, I find
that I enjoy rap less and less as time goes on, or just
violent music in general. I have, in recent years, weened
myself off of the obscene swearing and POVs that are
degrading to some. It is this mixture (and my divergence)
that makes me despise any contemporary music. If I DO
listen to rap (which is now a rarity), it is from the
years '94-'99, in my opinion the peak era for most rappers.
Other than that, I despise all contemporary music (except
Gospel), and I think that the ninteties and the "2000's" (i
guess) have just been pejorative to the overall beauty of
So when you're with Big AL, you notice that I have
Queen and the Beatles playing...and no one appreciates it.
Everyone RESPECTS it (except Karen Coupet), but no one
wants to talk about it, and be, well, complementary in my
discoveries of old music. I think that it is the 60s and
70s that truly defined music...Ray Charles and the Beatles
and Foreigner and Jackson Browne and Queen...darn, great
music, the best, for my money. And I NEED someone to help
me discover such great music. I know I'm a little late,
traditionally coming from the rap crowd, but if someone is
willing to help me discover the beauty of this music, I'd
be more than thrilled. Cause I feel like in the past couple
of years, through this avenue, a new chapter of Alix Coupet
has been opened. It's exciting, but I would like to share
it with someone. If that person is you, help.