The weird and wonderful things...
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2004-11-14 01:08:08 (UTC)

So tell me why it all revolves around you..?! they didnt play that particular song which happens 2
b ma favourite song..BUT they were fuckin AMAZIN! as
expected of course..for the 5th time..! oh shit..sum ppl
mite b a little confuzzled..:p talkin about the
Lostfuckinprophets! oh yeeeah! Just back 2 c them for the
5th time..and they were amazin! Bit gutted that they didnt
play Kobrakai tho..altho they never play it so they
didnt play 'As She Told Me To Leave' which was hefty
guttin..however they had a fuckin good set..and the
lights..OoO the pretty lights..were great :)! Diamond
shaped glittery..sparkling lights! Yaaas! Iain Watkins what
a front man..and my god he knows how 2 get a crowd going!
Lee..amazin on guitar with his little riffs..:p
just exceptional..with his amazin decks n scccreams..oh
yeah!..Mike..hefty gud..tho didnt c him much coz he was ova
the other side..Mike on drums..hefty gud with his drum
fill/solo..! and Mr Stuart..what a MAN! he's
fantastical..anyhoo thats me gone thro all the Lostprophets
individually n a think am lookin 2 far into it..:p hmm!

Aw i feel well happy..anyhoo..aye im back..the diarys comps been fucked for ages bt nows its workin n
its all totally hyper n jus repeatin
myself..anywayz! :)im gonna go make maself sum cheesy
beanos! woO

And a big up 2 Leesha for just being top..! Had a totally
crackin nite with her so aye..this ones for u toots!!! :)
*Iains weeee speech bout friends before Last Summer*! :)

- x adios x -

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