My Aphrodisiac
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2004-11-13 17:17:14 (UTC)

The break up

Ha! So, it's over. I broke up w/ him. I had to. I felt
all alone yet called myself in a relationship. That's so
not cool. Funny how you see peoples true colors when you
need them most. Yesterday I cried and I cried. Not
because of a broken heart, but because I felt all alone.
Like the pressures of the world was fuccin' w/ me in
Tennessee. I don't think I'll stay here the rest of my
college years. Hell, ain't nothin' in Tennessee for me.
Ain't really shyt back at home ither, but it's more
opportunity. So, Freddie B...ha! That man. I think this
weekend I'll spend a lil' time cupcakin' w/ him. Cuz
uh...yea, Meisha said she read in Cosmo that that is the
easiest way to get over a man, or a boy in this
case...replace him. Yep! But see, I'll fucc around and
fall head over heels w/ Freddie's ass. He seems like the
type that I'd do so with. The way he be lookin' down at
me when he hugs me, and looks into my eyes...or the way he
speaks metaphoric gysms to my soul without sayin' anything
in specific. Ha! Do I feel inspired? Yep!