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2004-11-13 15:38:01 (UTC)

11.13.04 And Then Things Got Interesting

First off, a bit of an apology for my lack of
updating. I have recently understood the magnitude of this
diary here: I didn't know so many people had read it until
I hadn't updated it in so darn long!
I think the largest issue in my life right now is of
course the POSSE Scholarship deal. For those of you who
don't know, the POSSE scholarship is a full tuition
scholarship to one of six partner schools. It's for Chicago
students. I am not a Chicago student, no. I'm from a bit
south of Chicago, and frankly,you'd be surprised at what a
huge difference this makes. I had a thirty minute interview
rgarding the scholarship last week, and boy did I catch
some off-the-wall questions:
"If you were a fruit, what would you be, and why is that
Fortunately, Alix Coupet is always on his toes, and
there is never a moment in which I hesitate for any reason.
I told them I'd be a particular fruit exclusive to South
America (I dont quite remember what fruit I said, or if the
fruit actually IS native to South America), and I talked
about how spreading the fruit to the rest of the world can
represent my mission as a student who wants to spread
diversity. Yes, I know, I can only thank God for such an
answer, and for such a gift. I got a few questions like
that, reader, and if you know me, you also know it's not in
my nature to be modest. When asked about why I have pursued
my broadcasting career, I simply answered "well, I love to
hear myself talk."...perhaps an answer too pretentious for
a leadership scholarship interview. Fortunately (thank God
again), I was given the chance to redeem myself when
asked "Well if you're in a room with 10 other people who
love to hear themselves talk, then what do you do?" Of
course I was on my toes and well prepared for the question,
as my answer came almost quotably:
"Communication is a two way street. One who loves
to talk cannot love to talk for himself, but only through
his knowledge. It is through obtaining knowledge from other
people that I have a love to hear myself talk, and since I
have not (and, for that matter, never will) maximized my
knowledge, I'm well aware that there is much I can learn
from others, and it is only then, when I know that I can
offer others what I have obtained from others, that I have
earned the right to talk."
A truly awesome answer, yes? I just thank God for
that, there really is no one else to thank. I don't know if
I will move on to the next round yet, but I don't need to
tell you that I'm excited. My interviewer said
afterward "Wow....Alix, wow....I don't know what to say,
I'm more than impressed with you, you blew us away." To me
that sounds like positive feedback, or so I'd like to
think. But it made me realize something, too.
See, for this scholarship, I chose Pomona College in
California (yes, Pomona, the 5th best liberal arts school
in the nation! Avg SAT is 14-1500!!!) as my first choice of
schools. And it has kind of dawned on me that my chances of
getting this are not bad, and that SCARES me! Alix Coupet,
in California? I don't know, reader, I've lived a rather
sheltered life in South Suburbia. What a huge social change
that will be! The family so many hundred miles away! Not to
mention academically. Frankly, the average Pomona student
has both test scores and GPA that are better than mine. And
it will be FREE. What an enormous life changer this will
be, of course assuming that I get it, which, despite my
confidence, is a LARGE assumption! So just pray for me
reader, as I will do the same for you.
Other than that, nothing else is really going on.
I've had a really busy week academically, and as
aforementioned, the future is dawning on me. It's just time
for me to grow, I guess, because somehow Time seems to be
beating me. I'll need your prayers AND THANKS FOR THE
FEEDBACK! You guys are great, even when I've failed to
update. Love you all.

The Alixian Hero