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2004-11-13 06:19:19 (UTC)

What's your Opiate?

A revolutionary once said, "Religion is the opiate of the
people" and this holds true to the day. Even in the face
of scientific fact and logic, many still induce mental
comas via religiosity. What does this tell you? There are
a few possibilities. Let's review:

1) Religions have effective propaganda campaigns.
2) Many people are very naive.
3) The world is in such a sorry state that sane, otherwise
intelligible people succumb to and bask in the fairy-tale
beliefs, untestable promises and accounts, and cult-esque
features of religion.

I subscribe to all three. However, i think that infamous
quote requires modernization, for in its present form it
is limiting and unrightly exclusive. I believe that
opiates are a dime a dozen these days, and are typically
located in destructive forms and very benificial to the
hegemonic forces. They knew what they were doing... The
top three I can think of are a) sporting events b) reality
TV and c) video games. Self-explanatory.

But there are many out there. Kudos to those whose opiates
aren't commsumerly based. And kudos to those whose opiate
is activism, you know where to find the highest dosage.
And to those with chemically induced opium highs, I salute
you. Because you've got to ask yourself, is it better to
be drugged by chemical means or by elusive quasi-
corporate/gorvernment marketing mind ploys? Mmmm, opium.

P.S. I've never actually expirienced an opium high, but I
bet it is Mmmm worthy.

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