Nick's Journal
2004-11-13 03:04:15 (UTC)

Ugly People

all over the world. as i walk through the station waiting
for the metro or waiting for my commuter train. they stand
around and eat, drink, or pick their noses. it has come to
a point where i realize that not only is the majority of the
population quite un-educated and prejudice but also
excruciatingly ugly.
i'm not really just thinking in terms of looks. sure there
are plenty of fat people scarfing down their burgers, face
encrusted in the dirty smog of hagardness. it always
strikes me as the craziest anomaly when i see one of these
beasts stand staring at the magazine brimming with pictures
of unrealistic perfection shining from their covers. just
today a woman with crusted ice cream hanging on the edge of
her mouth, cone half-way down her throat and a blotch of
fudge hanging on her saggy flesh standing next to a magazine
with tea leoni on the cover. tea leoni with a golf club in
her hand, the ideal woman? next to the reality.
not just looks make one ugly. the worst are the drinkers.
the guys in business suits who polish off beers on the
commuter train, i'm supposing so that they can "deal with"
the troubles that await them at home.
there i am sitting, staring out the window, al gore's book
propped neatly upon my knee, when this sweaty, overweight,
red-faced man sits down next to me with a large brown bag.
i knew right away what it was. then i heard the first psshht!
then a second, then a third. next thing i know, i look over
to see him swaying the 4th beer in one hand, a cell phone in
the crest of his shoulder screaming into the phone,
"oh god, how much money do you really want from me? you do
know that i actually loved you and still do? if youmake me
pay so much money for her, why can't i atleast see her once
in a while?"
or the other guy, crushing beers with his wife tagging
behind him, then idly sitting next to him as he drinks
hismelf away, knitting fretfully once in a while glancing up
hoping that some mechanical squeak was really an
acknowledgement of her husband.
it really does make it nice when, once in a while, i see
that one girl who is pretty, or that one guy who holds a
door open for another. they are hard to come by. i've come
to learn a lot about people since i've started work and a
good point came from my co-worker jessica. mainly just an
she said that no matter what she thinks of herself, she is
always surprised by what she finds out about others. no
matter how you view yourself you notice that even the most
intelligent people are actually quite retarded. it's nice
to know that all you really need is a determineation and
confidence to get through in life. intelligence doesn't
seem to have to do too much with success. the only reason i
love reading or learning is just because of knowing it for
myself, i find it dumb to just want to spout it to others.
yet nonetheless the rest of the paralegals don't think that.
they are constantly giving out their 2 cents no matter if
you care or not.
jessica really is nice. she has a child and works hard at 2
jobs. she doesn't have a great position in the law firm
(she's a temp). too bad she wasn't born a jew, or black, or
atleast had broken or ruptured something. isntead, being a
white mother when younger isn't too rewarding cos noone
really helps you out. yet she is the only one who really
never complains and always does the best and most thorough
work. she doesn't whine about what she does and she doesn't
see anyone shitting on her, unlike certain black employees
i've talked to; they just constantly think that they are
being held down, when they don't have it nearly as hard as
jessica. i think it's so touchign to hear her speak to her
son when she's at work (her husband stays at home with him
cos he got laid off cos of outsourcing). it really
reaffirms that i'd like to put a day-care on the premise of
my corporatoin (liked i'd ever want a corporation). jessica
may not be slim and have a gorgeous face, but she is
beautiful because of her devotion and perseverance....why
that would make some people i work with just down-right ugly.