Visions Of Life
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2004-11-13 02:53:23 (UTC)

Make A Wish Day

I had an interview today. It was spectacular. I did not
get the job. I am so scared about money and do not know
what to do. I try so hard to get a real, fulltime job and
no one will hire me. I have the experience but I think my
age works against me. This job was perfect for me. Oh
well. I do know alot of people were interviewed for this
job so I do feel better.

I had turkey last night so I am thrilled. I need to finish
my history paper but I have no motivation. Tomorrow I have
school and work. It is Make a Wish Day but I dont have
money to buy the snow globe I wanted. i need to see if my
school will advance me part of my financial aid money so I
can pay rent and buy presents.

I have no idea what I can do to get hired in an office
position like Im used to. No one wants me. Blah.