My Life
2004-11-12 19:54:45 (UTC)

Doug is coming from Las Vegas!

This is our first meeting after talking for a couple
months. I'm so nervous and anxious, excited too. He just
called and he's about to board the plane. Gosh, could this
really work out??? The what if's are killing me. But i'm
trying to remember that it'll work out in God's timing. I'm
hoping to have a great weekend, have FUN. We've got lots of
plans, hope I can keep up.

Doug is so dear to me, i'm so hoping that it works out in
person. And he's so sweet and sentimental. He asked me last
night if I believed in pre-engagement rings, like when we
were kids and we would "go together". Did I think that was
childish or? I told him that i thought it was between the 2
people involved, that it was sweet. I've heard them called
promise rings or committment rings. And yesterday he called
and said he was at the mall and couldn't remember what kind
of candles i like. What is that man up to?! It'll be a fun
weekend, i'm determined to let it be.

We're getting him checked in tonight and then we're going
to dinner at one of my favorite places, semi-casual. Then
i'm getting a bottle of wine and we'll maybe share that and

I can hardly stand this. I'm leaving work early. Getting my
hair straightened and styled. Then i have some odds and
ends to clear up, and then go get him.

I'm gonna try and write here more often. This is an
exciting time for me. It could be the beginning of
something very special.