My Gay Misadventures
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2004-11-12 05:00:19 (UTC)


Well fuck me. Another gap. Im turning into madonnas smile.
ANyway, In recent turn of events, Iv lost my crush on Evan.
Iv "tried" dateing again but to no avail. Boys just suck.
The last one, i commited myself to take on another job if it
failed....it failed after 2 hours. damnit. This is ganna be
a barrel of poo flinging. Contenders are Panda express, a
chinness fast food joint, or BLockBuster...Meh. Both pay
repspecfully higher then my current job. so whatever...Its
passing the goddamn drug test thats ganna be my biggest
hurdel. Readyclean here I come. I just got back from
watching the Incredibals...It was cute. Theatre was empty,
'cept for the loner here and there...Its in these troubled
times I wish i was str8. Getting tail would be such a
breeze. O'well...Perhaps a hobby or something will get my
mind off being lonely all the freagin time...

*commences to weep while masterbating*

My PS2 is finaly on its way back from CA, after some
repairs...I cant wait to drown out my reality of a life in
it again...Le mew.

Oh, and on that blasted chain letter, I now have made
4bucks...Go me.

I really wish i had my PC back up and running. Maybe i will
get Alan to reinstall for me. Even though his PC is wicked
god-like...I need mine.

Well, Time to waste my precious time watching half-ass
comedy bits on Newgrounds.