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2004-11-12 01:10:19 (UTC)

First look at a final decision. . . . .

Well guys. . .I think this is it.

After a lot of thinking. After a lot of hormones. I think
I've made my decision. I think I know what I wanna do.

I'm pretty sure that I've come to good decision. The thing
is, I'm going to have to talk to John about it.

I want to know about his plans. I'm sure he'll leave me, I
just don't know when. I know, we're not even together yet,
but. . .well. . .

Ok, so let's say I talk to him. Let's say he has every
intention of being with me, and every intention of staying
for quite a while, well. Then hell, I'm gonna give it to

But the thing is, what if it's the old "I'll tell you I
love you if you sleep with me." I know John's not like
that but just what if, ya know?

I want to give it to him so badly. Every time I talk to
Aaron, he's so vulgar about things, I'm thinking of John.
Every time I see people together I think of John, whenever
andything I dunno, when I'm with a guy, well not there are
many, but when i am, i think of john. sigh, john.

I want that kid so bad, officially 7 weeks, I can wait 7
weeks right. . . .right. .. . .oooooooh. 7 weeks. . . . .

I'm pretty sure I'm going to give it to him, but I wanna
talk to him about it first. . . .


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