My Aphrodisiac
2004-11-10 23:57:54 (UTC)

I need a dosage

Yep! Of that good ol' Vitamin D. Or for all ya'll slow
folk, DICK. Aren't I so graffic? Oh well. But yea, that's
a brief synopsis of that aspect of my life. School, so
yea... I should've dropped my psychology class this past
friday. Cuz that bitch got me at a fuccin' D thus far.
That's terrible! I got all A's in my other classes besides
Poli. Sci. and she wanna fucc up my rotation. But I'll
have to start runnin' this good mouth piece cuz I can't be
havin' that shyt. Love, or rather relationships...Me and
Charles are finally seein' eye to eye on shyt. He emailed
me today and shyt. Just to say wut's up...blah blah.
Freddie B...Damn, I lowkey think I'm feelin' him. This is
terrible! I hope Karma don't catch up w/ me anytime soon.
That'll be the day. I ain't kissed him or nothin'. Last
night he came to give me a hug. Awww... yea, he was ither
hella cold or hella happy to see me cuz his shyt was at
ATTENTION! I wanted to comment, but didn't cuz no negative
impressions needed. Ya' know? That niggaz a freak. I
already know. The way he be lookin' down at me w/ his "I
look hella high" eyes be gettin' to me. He's so...
ahhh...refreshing. LOL. What am I talkin'? I need to not
be fallin' for this nigga cuz I already know he a lady's
man. Nope! I don't fuccs w/ those! I miss my boo
though. We was remaniscing about the last weekend we
spent together. He had me rollin'. I really got a soft
spot in my heart for him. It's weird. I'll bitch and do
all that otha shyt, but when it comes down to it... he's
still my sweetheart. How backwards do I sound? Ha! My
last entry I was talkin' hella shyt. But here I am today
all cool and shyt. Oh well! They my emotions dammit! And I
can't help the way I be feelin'. Oh, I been doin' a lot
of stuff w/ my writing lately. I can't wait til' I become
famous! This is finna be so... such a dream come true.
Imma be signing books and shyt up in Barnes N' Noble one
day. Mark my words... Well, I got hella homework to do.
So, I'll holla! Til' next time pimps, hoes, friends and
foes... I'm out!

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