listen to my silences
2004-11-10 19:41:30 (UTC)

my everything

i got to spend time with jake yesterday, finally. it's
been a rough week for us. we got into it pretty badly on
saturday. then that night was the bachelorette party for
jessica and the bachelor party for ely. it's just been
hard with my new job and the wedding that we're in and

then yesterday we were able to spend a lot of time
together. and something's changed. it happened on
saturday, we both figured that out. and it's a good
change. it's like we're complete now. i don't know
really how to describe it. i just know that we're closer,
physically and psychologically. and i love it. it's
amazing. even more so than before.

you're all i want, you're all i need, you're everything,

i would give everything that i own, i'd give you my world
and this heart made of stone, the sun the moon the earth
the sky, never even stop to wonder why, cause you're my

final thought: all that matters is that you're happy and
that i make you that way. because that makes me happy.