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2004-11-10 16:15:59 (UTC)

My first problem patron

I’m still loving my job. I had my first problem patron
though. She told me, “I have a book on hold.” She told me
her name, but I look for the title of the book; not
necessarily who has it on hold. When I asked her the title,
she gave me the dirtiest look. It went downhill from there.
She had a book checked out that she didn’t believe she
still had, and she bitched that her fine was too much. So I
told her to go talk to the librarian. After about five or
ten minutes, she came back and asked for her book that was
on hold. I didn’t check it out to her yet. I asked her for
her card, and she said, “You already scanned it!” Well, I
had helped several patrons sence then, but I started to
loose my patience with her, and I said, “No I didn’t!” That
was my mistake. After I said that, she responed, “No,
you’re not goona talk to me like that”. So I said, “fine”.
She went back to the librarian, and the librarian took care
of her, telling the patron, “He’s only doing his job.”

But I didn’t take it personally. The minute I walked in,
the entire staff was all stressed out. It was one of those
days.. I dunno.. I guess it must have been a full moon or

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