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2004-11-10 04:45:02 (UTC)

2 days!!

So yeah I'm excited. Thursday is Me and Sean's one year
anniversary!! Hell yeah! lol, wow, i can't believe its
true! I mean, it doesn't surprise me that we've made it
this far cuz i knew we would, but still, i've never gone
out with anyone this long! And i love it! This year has
been so eventful and so interesting! Every single day. I'm
serious! it's so great! So anyway, i think we're gonna go
out to dinner and go to a movie. You may think this is
kinda odd, but i have never went out to dinner one on one
with a bf. It's always been with more than one person or a
double date or with family. Yeah, i know I'm weird, but
its true. Sure i've eaten in front of Sean but it's always
been at like Burger King and stuff, so this should be
kinda interesting in a way. Lol, so anyway, yeah, we were
gonna go to Chicago and take the train and go to dinner up
there, but omg its gonna be so COLD!!!! We would die up
there! lol, seriously! Chicago is always so windy and so
cold. So i think it'd be better if we went to Chicago like
in the spring or the summer. Cuz i HATE the cold. lol,
whoever doesn't hate the cold has serious problems! lmao,
just kidding. So yeah, i'll write about everything that
went on on thursday. Later!

Blind what??? lmao, oh i will get you, Sean!