malenky devotchka

Bella Morte
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2004-11-09 18:58:03 (UTC)


the crispy cream diet failed and fat women all over the
world are exposing their wrists. kisses kisses. who wants
to kiss the fat lady. why is fattness or thiness such a
deal? extremes my dear sherlock. or watson. or whatever.
it takes time. no more supersizes. how is the world
responsible for making you fat? run. i love to run. i love
to run in the cold. cold always makes me feel more alive,
like some sort of inner torch is blazing and the coolness
offsets the burning under my skin and the sweat steams off
my flesh like an aura of poison. i run until i can barely
breathe. until that point just before im sure to collapse.
human breaking point. we are so much more flexible than we
give ourselves credit for. we can stand so much more than
we know. maybe not all of us. but for the most part, even
me in my disillusioned state of facing fluorescent lights
with angst and distrust. ive given up on spelling
fluerescent. it changes every time i write it and i find
that mildly annoying. mildy. mild. middle. some sort of
ballance is struck with the word mild. its like reaching
the brink- and then standing there. almost a threat but
not really because mild is like a temperature, something
just bearable but not completely dependable. it sways over
that threshold that sas maybe maybe not. it has sense, but
maybe not enough. i love mild. i love cold. not real cold,
but california cold. real cold would see me wrecked and
tied to the cross. but socal cold will do for me. its ...

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