Visions Of Life
2004-11-09 15:25:20 (UTC)

George Washington and the Myth of Fighting for "Freedom"

So Im listening to Mrs. Cheney talk about her children's
book about George Washington and the Christmas victories.
Although we were victorious then and it did boost moral,
she did not discuss on this show that we defeated a bunch
of celebrating drunks who were not aware they would be
attacked. Nor did she mention the brutalities done to
the "enemy" soldiers. Not that I am critisizing history or
anything, but they were not great victories against all
odds. Hell, even I can defeat a bunch of drunks and have.
Oh well.

The thing that really pissed me off today was when Fem
Cheney responded to the guy trying to compare the book to
Iraq, because they are fighting a great power. She made it
sound likeit was as simple as good versus evil. She said
we are fighting for freedom which means we will always
win. If only it were that simple or true. What gives us
the right to claim we are the good ones and everyone who
isnt like us is the enemy? The Iraqis are fighting for
freedom as well. Their country's freedom from the
terrorist Americans. It is all a matter of perspective,
but I am sick of people thinking Americans are the best
and our thinking and our way of life is the only
acceptable way. It is bullshit. I am sick of republicans
using the "fighting for freedom" line to justify killing
innocents. We would not have invaded the damn country and
taken over everything if we gave two shits about freedom.
If we cared about freedom, then why arent we in other
countries helping them? Why do we supress our own people
at home? I think these people need to learn sociology.
Just because we see something as wrong to us, doesnt mean
it is to others.

I really hate being an American sometimes. We have become
fucking jokes...