Ramblings of a Mom
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2004-11-09 13:15:36 (UTC)

Housewife in Training

Well, we talked last night...I don't know if I feel better
or worse. I didn't get out everything I wanted to say,
because he already had answers formulated for everything I
In the end, he tells me that I don't take advantage of the
down time when it presents himself (when the baby goes down
for a nap) and that if he was the one needing to take care
of the house, it would be done differently. That he could
do these things without the baby fussing, etc. I told him
sure, cuz the baby has not been with you 24/7 of his life
and isn't as concerned when you step out of the room, just
When I tried to tell him that I know that he was raised
differently (going to go into the non-appreciation, not
acknowledging what gets done), he tells me, no, of course
not, cuz he had two housewives at his house. His Mom and
his Grandmother. His Mom worked full time, but with the
grandmother there, the house was always clean, food always
made from scratch, etc. done by both of them. He goes on
to say that he knows how to do all of this, learning from
them. According to him (and he's basically right), I am a
housewife in training. That I am still learning how to be
a housewife, I'm a terrific Mom, I just don't know how to
be a housewife. He's right, I guess. Nobody in my family
was a housewife, all the women had to work full time to
take care of their families. Hell, my grandmother didn't
retire for 5-7 years after my grandfather retired. She was
70 years old when she retired.
He goes on to tell me that I'm allowed to do whatever I
want, basically, and he is not complaining. But the final
straw that was the final jab that I could take for the day
was when he told me not to get him wrong, but the guys at
work, their wives get up, make them breakfast, and make
their lunches for them. Okay, let's point out that I am
still not living up to your expectations. Those ladies
probably were raised to do that, for one, also, how old are
their kids? Are they up during the night with them every
I am letting the stress get to me to the point that the
acid reflux that I had when I was pregnant with my
youngest, has come back. Every night when I get up with
him, it's there. Last night I started having chest pains
with it. Once again, could just be stress, could be the
way I am sleeping, could be the meds I am taking for a
breast infection, or the long shot, it could just be that I
am PG again and don't want to admit it. Who the hell knows?
Well, my Mom has called and my husband's Christmas gift is
on it's way, they are getting directions to my house from
my Dad right now. So off I go!