goddess of imaginary light
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2004-11-09 07:35:43 (UTC)


how is it that everything comes when its unexpected...
maybe once you stop looking so hard for it, you realize it
was always just had to realize it...

there are things i would like to change about us....i wish
you were here with me, that i could claim you as my
own...that i could hold you and kiss you when i wanted...
hearing your voice makes me happy, but its never enough
only a reminder of how far you are

i think i could call you my best friend at this point, for
ive told you what i havent told others...ive revealed more
than i ever felt i could...two sides of my world are what
surround comforts me to know that youve seen the
real one....

why had it always been so hard before, the others never
saw me...i could never show them. dont dissapoint me....