Visions Of Life
2004-11-09 05:29:22 (UTC)

No Strike- Fuck

Damnit. The grocery stores were striking. I had a job
because of the strike. I was looking forward to having
rent money and able to buy some christmas money. Now it
wont happen because the strike is on hold. Fuck this. I am
so sick of this economy and not being able to find work no
matter how hard I try. Let's see. In the past month Ive
applied at over 80 places. I have experience and yet no
one will hire me. This holiday, like all holidays will
suck. Christmas 2002= no job/no money. Christmas 2003=
job/money, but was robbed and had christmas presents
stolen. Christmas 2004= part time job/no money, cant pay
rent or buy presents. And I was so excited for the

Plus Bush was elected which just makes me sick.

Also, it is really bad when you SI to hurt someone

*sigh* I know things always get better but I am sick of
barely having money for rent and having to lie to my
family about my financial situation. If I dont come up
with another 300 dollars, I am very fucked.

Ugh. Enough of this. I am going to start crying and my
husband will worry about me