The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2004-11-09 05:09:55 (UTC)

Nobody liked you, Everyone left you

Oh what a day it has been. I didn't mean to cause such
problems with my flirting. But I need to tone it down
cause I don't want to ruin my friends relationship with her
first love. I know how devestating that can be. So things
got weird I guess. The weirdest part was I was at game
craze before work, and he showed up there. He saw my car
and decieded to come in. Then he followed me to work. He,
his girlfriend, and I all work at the same place. It was
very akward tonight. Cause me and Alisha were both trying
to keep flirting to a minmal level. Made for a boring
night. After work Mary Ellen, Alisha, and I went to the
store. I was gonna get a smoothie, THEY HAD BLUEBERRY
TODAY!!!!! But ME made me feel stupid about paying 2 bucks
for one, so I got a tropicana twister instead. Blah!!!!
Oh well thats all thats happened today.