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2004-11-08 02:06:45 (UTC)


Well well. . .
Here I sit, back at school. good times this weekend. just
me jess and jenny. and no sleep.

haha, well i had jess ask john if he had a girlfriend. he
said no, because he's not fond of the long distance thing,
since his last little skirmish. well here's my theory

i've been hurt too, so here's how it'll go. i'm not going
to wait for him. well i am going to wait, but not like a
nun. i'm going to go play, have fun, explore, and when
he's ready, he's ready. but i'm not going to sit here and
be loyal to him, if he has no intention of being connected
to me in any way, except getting sexy chats online.

nope that's it, i'm going to see aaron, mono or no mono.
and i'm going to move in on the brad situation, and hell,
i may even go to sam.

the scary thing is that i have been thinking about
marriage hard core. like in ways i usually don't. because
today jess and jenny and i were talking about wedding
stuff, adn i honestly could see john and i getting
married, and raising kids, and just being together
forever. and it scares me. i don't wanna think that. not
yet. not with a man i barely know who lives in another
country, hell continent, and i only fooled around with for
the last two weeks of camp. the one who i barely talk to
except for when he wants some sexy chattiness. as state

well i'll write later, i have to go hand in some
assignments. they're already a day late.


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