my so called life
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2004-11-07 22:13:17 (UTC)


Can someone make me update this thing?
I dunno what to write..
I'm doing fine, Ben is wonderful, friendships aren't
always so easy.
You know, when you're twenty years old, you're supposed to
have stabile friends and a hopeless lovelife. With me,
it's completely opposite.

In other news, my dad fell off a chair and broke his
wrist. Bummer. He's working on making an entire new
bathroom at home and they were supposed to drive up to
visit us soon, so it wasn't ideal. But I guess those sorts
of things never are :P

Oh, I watched the first episode of season 2 of the O.C.
today! Ahh.. I loved it! :)
I'm totally in love with Ryan.. and a bit with Seth :D
And Summer is so funny, and Marissa so pretty and sad, and
Sandy and Kirsten so sweet..

Oh, yeah.. I do know it's just a tv show and I have my own
life.. *laughs*

Take care!


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