2004-11-07 12:52:49 (UTC)

My Day

I spent most of the morning helping to paint the ladies
bathroom at the church. Karen picked out the paint color (a
very pale green) and the wallpaper (delicate flowers which
picked up the green). Rosalie, who is more familiar with
putting up wallpaper, also came and she did a good amount of
the painting too. I left after lunch and I'm looking
forward to seeing what it looks like when I go to church on

This Sunday we'll be celebrating All Saint's Day and we'll
have a potluck afterwards. I plan on bringing pumpkin pie.
And John.

This afternoon I went outside to pick up leaves to dry to
add to the table decorations for Sunday's potluck, worked a
bit on the Spiced Pumpkin quilt, and caught up on housework.
Today is the anniversary of Steven's death and I spent time
contemplating that and praying as well.