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2004-11-06 21:13:24 (UTC)

Another Tribute To Jay

I feel bad. I have totally abandoned my best friend in the
whole entire world for my boyfriend (who is also, of
course, extremely important to me) but still. Words are not
enough for a sincere apology. Nothing can describe how
close we used to be. No sacrifice too great, no job too
small, no fashion crime uncommited (lets not go there.)
When I, as most teens do, went through my first-crush-cruel-
world-why-do-you-mock-me issues, he was there. And when he
went through his oh-my-god-I-like-guys-yes-and-your-problem-
is issue. Well, I WAS there, it just took me a while to
twig. Well, you dont just wander up to your bestest best
friend in the whole world and say, 'excuse me, but are you
gay?' I mean, when your thirteen years old, although you
start getting hormonal, your mind just doesnt think on that
level yet. Plus, I know what its like to be confused about
things like that. Well, I do now. I mean, for my GCSE drama
play we had to do an important teen issue, and we did
lesbianism. (Well, it was gay issues really, but none of
the guys wanted to do it) and I ended up having to kiss a
girl. It wasnt nearly as bad as I thought it would be, but
thats not the point. I got really confused, and then quite
worried. I mean, I have nothing against gay people. I love
them. Anyway... They do have it a bit hard sometimes. I
mean, imagine fancying someone and then discovering they
were straight. Oh wait, hang on, that happens to straight
people who fancy gay people. Oh damnit!
Anyway, you know what I mean.

Xx LJ xX