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Life Is For Living, Rite?
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2004-11-06 20:58:09 (UTC)

A State Of Mind

I have decided to voice some of my (slightly bizarre)
theories. Namely, and this one I have been working on for
quite some time, the theory that virginity is simply a
state of mind.
And ha, before all you smart alecs start spouting about it
being a physical thing for women, do you not think I have
done my research? This can be broken by strenuous sports,
including horse-riding (which may explain why my first time
wasnt so painful as I expected, ahem, anyway)so, to
If something nasty happens to someone, and they dont want
to remember their first time, they can just forget it. And
then when someone they care about comes along, then they
can remake their first time. (I am of course talking about
if you get...um...raped, not if you just didnt like it)
See? SEE!!! It works. My theory works.


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