Ramblings of a Mom
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2004-11-06 02:04:54 (UTC)

Music Transports Me

Did you ever notice that a certain song can be the
equivalent of a magic time machine? That that one
particular song (or songs, as the case may be) can just
take you back to a moment or a time in your life that you
haven't thought of in just about forever?
There are several eighties songs that do that for one era
of my life (my first 'real boyfriend'), The Chair by George
Strait (my first love/lover), fast forward a few years, and
then there's Anymore by Travis Tritt (my first fiancee --
abusive, but I thought that I was in love), fast forward to
my first wedding (and so far my only), Keeper of the Stars
by Tracy Byrd, and then a few years back, One More Day by
Diamond Rio (is that right? I don't remember anymore) for
another controlling man from my past.
All this comes up from flipping over to a Freeview concert
of Travis Tritt (always liked him, can't help it!) and he's
singing "Anymore" and all of those memories just pop right
on up. The stupid stuff like when my ex painted our names
on the back window of his truck -- his name on the left and
mine on the right, of course! LOL! The sex, the fact that
he lived with his Dad and his girlfriend (and they had
separate rooms in the duplex, go figure!), just the old
stuff. It's just funny to me how all of that kind of stuff
comes back, just over the sound of a song.
I haven't been here in awhile. The last entry that I put
in here, I got a response that set me on edge. I tried to
remind myself that this person was a stranger to me and it
shouldn't matter what they thought, but it still bugged
me. They hit a button that rang true from my first
marriage. Then I reminded myself that we generally only
talk about things that bug us in our diaries, not the
positive. It's like talking to your girlfriends, do you
talk about how wonderful your man is? No! You talk about
what's wrong, and only those closest to you understand what
else is really right and whether things are nearly as bad
as they sound. Oh well, whatever!
Well, Third Watch is on now, my husband and youngest son
are asleep (the older son is with his Dad), so I can
actually watch it without distraction or disruption, so I'm
going to take advantage of the peace and quiet! So, Later!