Visions Of Life
2004-11-05 02:45:01 (UTC)

Rest In Peace America

The election results crippled me emotionally. I feel like
America has let me down by electing a man as horrible as
Bush. I feel let down that Americans allowed themselves to
be manipulated by that devil and his imaginary threats
about terrorism. He is the reason the world hates us.
Well, him and the fact that the leaders of this country
support Israel. If we would leave countries alone then
people would not try and attack us. But now with that
demon back in office, we are less safe. America is a
fucking joke because of him. He thinks it is okay to
attack other countries for no reason. He thinks it is okay
to lie to people. He thinks that he can do whatever the
fuck he wants, hurt whoever he wants, and it wont matter.
I am so angry that I have to put up with him. I do not
want to be an American if he is my "leader". If I didnt
have a husband who loves this country I would leave. I am
torn. Maybe there is a way to leave, but i have no money
and my school and family are here. It is just so
depressing and infuriating. I wish so many bad things
right now. I am still continuing to do good things but I
cant let this go. I cant help but feel disgusted because
of the number of people I love who voted for that Fuck.
They are blind. They do not understand my fear. They think
he is a fucking god and a good man and they are wrong. I
hope bad things happen to him because he is sending this
country to hell. He is hurting millions of innocent
people. Something needs to happen so his spoiled ass
realizes he cant hurt people and not have it come back to

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Topic: My two cents
Nov 4 2004 12:31PM
Okay, so Bush won fair and square. Thats good in the sense
that 2000 wasnt repeated.

But what does Bushs reelection mean for the rest of the
world? I know someone will say F the rest of the world, we
dont give a crap about that. But you would be quite wrong.
The events that takes place in America affects the rest of
the world. A saying goes "when america sneezes, the rest
of the world catches a cold". Ofcourse, I dont like
thinking of the US being in control of everything and
anything. But thats how it went/goes. Bush being reelected
tells the world that Americans see Bush as the best man to
run the country. They see Bush as someone who has been
doing a good job thus far. Americans have voted in a man
who has basically gotten away with invading a country
under unjustified reasons. Others say voting for Bush is
kinda reactionary, that they dont want to get rid of a
president with whom they shared so much with i.e. 911. So
in that way it is they voted for him. They hear about
Bushs one man mission to rid the world of terror with the
world or not and they like that and it easy to see why.
Bush is very direct whereas as Kerry tried to explain that
bombing the crap out of countries isnt the way. Kerry
realised that things needed explaining and was
subsequently labelled a flip flopper. But a flip flopper
he was not, he was just trying to explain that thinsg
arent as clear cut.

The reelection of Bush endorses what Bush has done (with
knowledge or not) in Iraq and the other issues. It also
gives Bush the passport or a "carte blanche" to basically
do what he wants. Bush will resort further to
unilateralism rather than multi. This going back on
everything it helped create in the 40's- the UN- and not
listening to other countries.

I am not bitter that he was reelected. In a way I am glad
for the reason that atleast it will be him that sorts or
craps things even more in Iraq. In a way he started the
job and he must therefore finish it. What he does in this
term will be most important. He will either mellow in his
stance or he will harden and start other conflicts, after
all he has no worries being reelected for a third term. He
mighta wanna leave a mark as the guy who brought democracy
and christianity to the middle east.

I have lost faith in this country. I have lost faith in
humanity. I have lost faith in loved ones. I am so
disgusted and so angry, and nothing anyone can say will
make me feel better. I guess i have to suffer four more
years and then Democrats will regain control and this
country will be a better place again.


anyways..... I cant think about this or I will start
crying again.