taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2004-11-04 06:34:47 (UTC)

Issue #100. Holographic front cover edition.

I don't know why I'm madder, the fact that Bush was re-
elected, that several million americans are so blatantly
naive and retarded, to the extent that they vote for the
personification of corruption, the corporation disguised
as a human, the chunk of wonder bread stuck the collective
roof-of-the-mouths of sane, left-leaning society, the skid-
mark on the new pair of racey underware, the cold shower
to the correctional facility's shower room, Reganomics to
the working class, the lack of metabolism to the midnight
snacker, the dinosaur fossils to the bible, or, the fact
that Kerry sucks almost as hard.

Last night really sucked. At first it sucked a bit, than
it sucked a bit more, then it really sucked, then for it
bit the suckage appeared to subside, but than it sucked
worse than it had sucked before. And than I woke up and I
was hit with the full raw fury of suck, in Lowell Green
format. Capaccino sucking lefties? Fuck you man. Take your
cake and eat it you fucking fuck. Have a sun tech tomato
whilst you are at it to. Meanwhile, The CNN staff had shit-
eating grins. Christmas is in 2 months you fucking knuckle-
draggers. Expect the patronage cheques in 2 weeks. I
avoided Fox at all costs. I just hope their
Bush/Cheney '04 tatoos are washable, No one likes
permenant bush. Wait. Was that lame? Nicely. But alas, I
care not. Republicans can lick my rim. I hope you choke on
red, blue, and white confetii streamers. And Kerry too.
Dean would've been better, but Nader, oh Nader, they will
never understand you m'man, never.