malenky devotchka

Bella Morte
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2004-11-04 05:15:28 (UTC)

eclectic becomes her

insatiable? negligence never helped anyone. i always find it
harder to concentrate when the moon is out. there is so much
to be done. papers, drafts, finals, semifinals. and the
tragedy sits in the idle lap of a nineteen year old girl who
would be perfectly, exceedingly happy to just live in a
small village by the ocean sewing handbags for a lving. she
has no desire to become "somebody", she doesn't want a name
for herself, lots of money or foreign bank accounts. she
wants magic, and dancing, and music and to swallow the moon.
she wants nightime and wind and dreams and adventure. she
wants subtle humor, warm hugs, soft kisses and the brink of
adventure. metaphors, bad grammar, insight, knowledge, paper
bound and baggaged autumns wrapped in clever leaflets
divulging the secret wonders of the world and the demise of
human ignorance. she wants open eyes, sunsets, sunrises,
oceans full of stars, october days, grapes and wrath and
openmindedness. she wants to live. cause someone once told
her "if you're not living, you're dying." and she doesn't
want to die today.