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2004-11-03 21:49:50 (UTC)

Yay for good days

So my philosophy of the day is that no matter how bad
times get, no matter how frustrated, angry, annoyed,
stressed, or sad you may be... you just have to remember
the good times. because otherwise it will get you down,
and it will be tough to get back up. My words of wisdom.

Today was another red-letter day (thats the good one,
right? i think black letter days are bad, correct?
whichever it is, i mean the good one) in the matt carr
episodes. i got a semi-walking-hug on the way to history,
while we both lamented the outcome of the election, and
bonded as some of the only pro-kerry(or probably more
accurately, anti-bush)kids at school (marta doesnt count,
she's a fanatic). then at lunch i got another hug, we
decided to try it again since bookbags and walking down
the hall don't make for satisfactory hugs, and this time i
got a "my love" along with it. if anyone notices when i'm
in an exceptionally good mood, one of the first things to
guess would be that it had something to do with him. but
since i'm not obsessed, i'll move on.

So, about the election. i'm not going to belabor the
point, because i got sick of it enough in school because
some people don't know how to shut up (cough cough jack
andy and sam in bio), but i would just like to say here,
where i won't get attacked, that i think the outcome
sucks. I guess kerry fans got there hopes up when we saw
how close it was gonna end up being, but we probably
should have realized that the democrats just don't have
enough states to really win. at least not right now. i'm
looking forward to 2008, when i will be able to vote... of
course, if hilary clinton is running for democrats, that
will suck, and i probably won't vote for her, but i think
john edwards should run by himself next time. i would
definitely vote for him. anyway, i realize that i live in
a republican, totally pro-bush area, but really. some
people need to know how to just give it a rest. people in
bio class today refused to leave marta alone about kerry
losing, and i almost lost my cool because they would not
shutup about it. i don't have a problem with people
voicing their opinions, even if they are pro-bush, but
really, there comes a point where it's just too far. and i
really wanted to just shout out that i think bush is an
idiotic moron and i can't stand the thought of another
four years listening to him, but then i would have been
beaten up because some people don't know how to respect
other people's opinions. plus i didn't want to contribute
to the already annoying people-won't-shutup atmosphere. so
i kept my mouth shut. but still.

what else. hmmm. yesterday was a good day off. although i
did spend about 5 hours cleaning my room, but it really
needed it. i threw away 4 trash bags full of junk while i
was cleaning it, and i also rearranged it so it looks all
cool now. then i sat around for awhile wishing i could
vote, especially when my sister called and rubbed it in my
face that i couldn't. my mom and elizabeth and i went to
linens n things to buy some organization stuff for my
room, so i saw all my buddies there, although it was sad
because philip still isn't back at work yet since he got
hurt (falling of a ladder, the moron). let's see... i got
my raise, from 6.50 to 6.95. and while other people are
saying thats a big raise, and i know it is, i wish they
could have just made it 7... especially considering thats
what they start everyone else at, so im not sure why i've
been there for 15 months, and i got moved to floor sales,
and i still only make 6.95, while people who have been
there for 4 months and are still on the cash register make
7. but whatever.

so... a few things that annoy me. well, other than what i
already mentioned.
1. joey. he is constantly asking me and everyone else what
our homework is in whatever subject. the thing that gets
me is that he knows. i guess he just wants something to
talk about with people, but still, he needs to think of a
new conversation starter.
2. condescending, rich snobs. no one in particular at the
moment, just a fact of life that i hate.
3. when people raise their hand and upon being called on,
say something innane like "i have a question." well,
really? who'da thunk it? and it's even worse when you
raise your hand, and when you get called on you say "i got
a question." you should be shot. that is one of my pet
peeves. because what you are really saying is like you got
a question from somewhere, as in you received it. poop on
the people who insist on using "got" instead of "have" ,
such as "i gotta pee", "i gotta go," etc. and if anyone
ever catches me saying something like that, shoot me. for
real. i should be ashamed of myself.

i cant think of anything else at the moment, but im sure
i'll have more to add later.

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