lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2004-11-03 21:26:12 (UTC)

first kiss

so one of my favorite things about having had this since i was 15 is that i can
go back and look at my ridiculous adventures and the silly, stupid things i
have done. i like looking back 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years...

6 months ago: well, it's not on my-diary...but i was getting ready for prom
with david wreesman, getting all excited to graduate, figuring out what
adventures i would have over the summer..basically, 6 months ago was the
most unproductive time of life...all i did was work my 24 hours a week and
hang out with friends nonstop. what times.

1 year ago: i was finishing college apps, overwhelming myself with decisions
and not praying enough about them, in the midst of the turmoil phase of

2 years ago: i was going to homecoming with eddie, trying to end that fiasco,
randomly going on dates with matt...little did i know what was coming right
around the bend.'s been less than two years since i first kissed a

3 years ago: i was being tested mercilessly for my crazy legs, trying to adjust
to a new school, and struggling to deal with that...probably the most difficult
trial God has presented me with since i became a Christian..but i learned
sooo much, in retrospect.

there you have it. how will i look at this year in retrospect?

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