The weird and wonderful things...
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2004-11-03 20:40:53 (UTC)

am baaack!

Heylo..well am back for technically 5 minutes..:p
comps fucked atm so im up visitin ma aunt n thot id steal
her computer for yeh..not really much been

usual..gettin drunk..partyin..havin a laff..its fireworks
nite on Fri woO! so thats another excuse 2 get
drunk..fallin oota the secret place..hurtin ma knee..going
2 play snooker..:p lmfao! ye kno all the usual te O.C..boxset woo! lol..and thats
enuff from me in the short 5 minutes that iv been here..

anyhoo..wen ma comps workin again..i shall cum back n
update..until then..

- x adios x -

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