2004-11-03 10:13:42 (UTC)

Paranoid I am - I hope I am just paranoid

You will know who you are when you read this. If you are
trying to reach me or apologize to me via MSN Messenger
names, don't. I've pretended they were never for me well
enough to almost completely confident they are not- but
if they are, then you know who you are. Stop it.

I don't want anymore trouble. I don't want anymore
contact. You will hear from me once more when I have
$2000 to blow and at which time you may consider it
payment to not talk to me or about me again i you wish -
just PLEASE.... just leave me alone.

leave me alone.

If no one knows who this is for.....

even better!

I'd rather have just been paranoid.

Believe me.