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2004-11-03 02:33:47 (UTC)

election 2004

ok we'll try this again since the stupid thing up and
kicked me off and took away everything i typed.

::sighs:: there and back again. so close and yet so far.
and chocolate makes goooood comfort food.

now that i've got that outta the way, back to what i
typed that died and shall be typed again.

the title has nothing to do with anything what-so-ever,
except that we got outta school today because of it.

um...havent really done much today. i planned on sleeping
in late and somehow, every time i plan on it, i end up
waking up about the crack of dawn and being unable to go
back to sleep. today was no differnt, so i got up and laid
on the couch to watch tv, fell back asleep, and woke up
somewhere around 9:45. then i got up and went and got momma
a newspaper and me a sasuage bisuit from bojangles. then i
came home, watched tv, and played games for a few hours,
then made supper.

oh. yesterday i went to the dentist and then went
shopping and i found sheets to go on my bed that i really
realy like and a tinkerbell pillow case (tinkerbell is
awesome!!!...ahem...anyway.) and after we left there we
went and i found some shoes and holy crap they're soooo
awesome. i loves my shoes. they absolutly rock. so yea, now
my bed has black sheets and a tinkerbell pillow case, and
my stuffed animals on it. plus i got the most awesome-est
pair of shoes. i may wear 'em to school tomorrow, hopefully
i wont kill myself in them, seeing as how they have about a
2 inch heel.

um...i burnt my thumb today making biscuits. oh and i'm
gonna go see the grudge saturday. i hope its good.
everybody, well except for 2 guys, in which 1 is whining
saying it has no plot and the other saying he nearly fell
asleep during it. but nearly everybody is saying its good,
so hopefull it will be.

so now i'm watchin' "coyote ugly" and drawing. not an
extremely interesting entry but effective.

forever 17