X is my secret.
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2004-11-02 23:57:47 (UTC)

More thoughts

Yeah that's right, no wittiness here, I'm kinda croggy
right now.

Well another day gone by, election day. I didn't vote, I
know it's horrible, what kind of an American am I? A
stupid one, it's all because I didn't get registered
correctly, or in time.

Well other than that, the day's been pretty leisurely. I
looked at Unit 6 in math, and I'm going to definately do
well on that one. I went to Psychology class this morning,
and I studied a little online. I haven't done any design
yet, I'll start that after I get offline, which will be

My money problems seem OK. I like working for the school
since they only make you work at the most 20hrs. a week,
adn I'm only workin' 11, adn it's all around my class
schedule. So that's all good. Then there's workin' at
clearwater on the weekends. YEY. I love it. Money and
home, it's great.

Well, I'm talking to John right now, I don't know about
any of this stuff, I mean I've been thinking (thus more
thoughts) and I just don't think that he should do things
for me. It's just like what I've been told over and over
that it's stupid to do anything for love, or like. You
can't go doing outragious irrational things for someone of
the opposite sex. That's what I've been told, adn that's
what people have made me feel. Like, I've just been doing
all of this stupid stuff, and following guys, and all
that, for nothing. IT's irrational, stupid, and

Well, I'm going to go work on my design after I talk to
John some more. Bye


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