The neverending tale
2004-11-02 23:19:47 (UTC)

blah blah balh blah blah

u kno i say blah blah blah for one reson...cause thats wat
all u loser friends..well n ot all of u just a selcet
few....sure i amy be talkin to sum of u again but i just
dont feel like i t anymore..just sumthin inside me dont
wana be around u . ..and theres sumthin i would really like
to kno ..wat do all of u actually think of me?? i would
honestly like to kno well ya sure i kno i'm not perf ect far
from it actually but i dont need no mo re lienin to alicia
anymore rite in her face... it s really stupid espically
when u say u call urselfs fruends...and its e ven lower
when u put th e word best in front of it....i dunno wat to
do anymore...i feel like leavin LA and movin in wit my
daddy..but i cant just leave my mommy...and i dont say all
this just to be pitted or watever i say this cause i need to
i have been for mounths i cant take it i really think i'm
goin crazy..seriously..and i am hardl y serious...and hardly
mad since it takes alot to make me mad and congrates to the
ppl who had..sarcasm*we'll just see who loses in the ZebRA